Friday, August 31, 2007

^^^FIRST TIME.. ...
hmm..getting for the first time. How it feels? For me its a new experience. For the first time I can feel that "Now I am self-dependent". Gives a sense of pride, but on the same side, what I have lost is the company of my most loved ones, my parents. But, ya can think of living with them in near future! One more thing, what to do and what not to do with this money? I can do any of the following:
1. It looks good being in the account :)
2. Get some gift for my parents and my sis!
3. 2+spend some of it on myself too.
4. Get some cool stuff or gadget for myself.
5. Invest them :-o????#@$%&^*!!!!!
6. Eat em up....:)
7. Do a charity!!!

Hmm..... now its u guys who are gonna give me some hints to how to spend few bucks which I think is my first earning? Be serious guys! I am emotional about it! Well, to earn it I have sacrificed a lot! And now even my back and neck are troubling a lot! I hate em, but cant get rid of them. No problem. I hope there is some mechanism by which u can bunk ur office without ur boss's notice :)... that will make life of all the s/w enggs quite simple. What say? But indeed, I am quite happy with my efforts and will always keep on trying improving myself in every aspect. It needs pain, but that is how one can get these green papers! Guys u can give me a multiple option answer! Its fun though! Waiting... मैं इंतज़ार करुंगा ... जवाबजल्दी देना

Thursday, August 30, 2007

ohhh!!! at last got it!!

Hey guys after a long run! After a long wait! After a long mystery! After a long patience! After a long money! AT LAST I HAVE GOT MY PASSPORT :) It is a really long experience with Govt of India. I filed my aplication on somewhere in Sep'05. After that in my final year I thought that it has been a long time for my passport (infact that was '07) to come. It should be n my hands by now! what the hell has happened to it? Then the long and deadly story began. Several rounds of Ghaziabad passport office in local EMU (I was almost dead sometimes in that train). Each time they used to say that the process is going on! Once I even asked one of the officers there that Ok if you let me search my file in this room, that wil be a big help! He allowed after big dramas (In one drama I told him that am selected in Microsoft and I have to leave for US....pity! ). I started filtering in the shelves that contain millions of aplications of everyone in UP. Finally after an hour, I raised my hand, and he stood up and took out the file form one hidden corners! But what to do? I wanted my passport! I said OK now u have my file, process it, and send me my passport. He said enquiry is incomplete. Hell with that :( I said OK, what to do for it? and he gave me a list of jobs. I did all of them, but finally landed nowhere. My BTech was over, and I got job even. Now when the orginal need for passport came, then again a new matter was raised. How to get something urgent. Answer was tatkaal. Now I contacted an agent this time. He said he will get everything OK soon, leave that old application. I said ok. Stupid man! He hanged my tatkaal for 15 days, and after 15 days he told me that my application is not submitted yet! WHATTTTT...! ARE U CRAZYYYYY.....!! Man i am to leave, and u r telling me that the application is not submitted yet! What the Hell!!! Don't tell me !! I got mad. ... ... .. Hey but the same day I got the newz that the pp i applied for 2.5 years back has arrived in my Hostel. INCREDIBLE :-o I have no ends! grt! finally govt of india has proven its worth! And this way i got what was imposible.... my passport.... hope u like the story!! ITS REAL THOUGH!

टूटता बदन । बहुत दर्द है बाबा . ..... .. . . ..

बड़ी टेंशन है भाई। अभी कुच्छ ही दिन हुए हैं ऑफिस आते हुए और पूरे बदन का जो हाल हो रहा है वोह तो बताते नहीं बन रहा । मेरे severe neckache और backache हो रहा है और अब जा रह हूँ ergonomics deptt से consult करने। Daily balm लगा के सोता हूँ। कोई इलाज ढूँढने कि कोशिश कर रहा हूँ। उम्मीद है कि कोई हल निकला ही आयेगा।

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

मेरा ऑफिस. . . . ... .. . .

कहने को तो मेरा ऑफिस बड़ा मस्त है। बहुत मज़ा मार रह हूँ यहाँ पे लेकिन काम बहुत है और लोग मदद तो कर देते हैं लेकिन most of the work खुद ही करना पड़ता है । लेकिन अब कुछ पाने के लिए कुछ खोना भी पड़ता है। अभी तो फिलहाल सिग्मा ऑफिस में हूँ लेकिन कुछ दिन बाद एक नए ऑफिस में जाना है। सुना है कि वोह और भी अच्छा है। वैसे यह रही अभी के ऑफिस कि फोटो ....

अब चलता हूँ भाई बहुत काम करना है॥ बहुत सारे tutorials पढ़ने हैं। मिलता हूँ सबसे एक ब्रेक के बाद.

Posting for the first time.....पहली बार ..

This is me I think!

Well guys, this is the first time I am coming out in Bangalore. Had a lot of fun! You must be wondering about the place! Its Botanical Garden in Bangalore. It's popularly known as Laalbagh (because its location in Laalbagh). Now I was not alone in this trip. Jibs, Keeda, Buddha were with me :) . . . .. . . . . . . .

So we roamed for whole of the day and now I have a big collection of photographs...... nearly 100 just of laalbagh. One more thing guys, I have shooted a movie of dead hungry fishes in laalbagh lake. Its a fun! You can see that movie in my Orkut(Long live!!) profile. Its really a astonishing movie. I've never seen fishes behaving like this just for few pieces of Popcorn..... even more hungry than me!!