Thursday, August 30, 2007

ohhh!!! at last got it!!

Hey guys after a long run! After a long wait! After a long mystery! After a long patience! After a long money! AT LAST I HAVE GOT MY PASSPORT :) It is a really long experience with Govt of India. I filed my aplication on somewhere in Sep'05. After that in my final year I thought that it has been a long time for my passport (infact that was '07) to come. It should be n my hands by now! what the hell has happened to it? Then the long and deadly story began. Several rounds of Ghaziabad passport office in local EMU (I was almost dead sometimes in that train). Each time they used to say that the process is going on! Once I even asked one of the officers there that Ok if you let me search my file in this room, that wil be a big help! He allowed after big dramas (In one drama I told him that am selected in Microsoft and I have to leave for US....pity! ). I started filtering in the shelves that contain millions of aplications of everyone in UP. Finally after an hour, I raised my hand, and he stood up and took out the file form one hidden corners! But what to do? I wanted my passport! I said OK now u have my file, process it, and send me my passport. He said enquiry is incomplete. Hell with that :( I said OK, what to do for it? and he gave me a list of jobs. I did all of them, but finally landed nowhere. My BTech was over, and I got job even. Now when the orginal need for passport came, then again a new matter was raised. How to get something urgent. Answer was tatkaal. Now I contacted an agent this time. He said he will get everything OK soon, leave that old application. I said ok. Stupid man! He hanged my tatkaal for 15 days, and after 15 days he told me that my application is not submitted yet! WHATTTTT...! ARE U CRAZYYYYY.....!! Man i am to leave, and u r telling me that the application is not submitted yet! What the Hell!!! Don't tell me !! I got mad. ... ... .. Hey but the same day I got the newz that the pp i applied for 2.5 years back has arrived in my Hostel. INCREDIBLE :-o I have no ends! grt! finally govt of india has proven its worth! And this way i got what was imposible.... my passport.... hope u like the story!! ITS REAL THOUGH!


shobhit said...


tujhe passport mil to gaya.. mere passport ke status men june se likha aa raha tha "passport has been processed and will be dispatched on 31-july-2007"... cool..
but in reality, status changed to "passport has been delayed and will now be dispatched in a week".. and it has been same since then.. are bhai, ek fix date dedete to kya bigad jaata..ab to pata nahi ye passport kab tak aayega...
chahe tu maane ya na maane, tu lucky hai yaar...chal mere liye bhagwan se prarthna kar...

M. Athar said...

well congrats first of all on this new cool looking blog page and next for getting your passport in a "reasonable" amount of time!
But let me tell you another passport story...My wife's passport expired in May '07, and we are to leave for Malaysia in Nov. '07. So she does what ladies are best at...she panics and hyperventilates...wot to do. Her cool husband proposes that v get it made under tatkal scheme.Now v had heard horror stories of passport being applied for under tatkal scheme and getting them after 2 years.But v like brave soldiers were not to be deterred.There is a new option under Tatkal where u can apply if u have 3 documents out of the 14 listed ones and one of them has to be a photo ID with address.So v take 3 such documents and head for Ghaziabad (v went by Prayag Raj express so luckily weren't crushed). V land at the passport office at 8:15 a.m. on monday, 13th August 2007 and end up being 5th in line to the tatkal document verification counter.Since v had time to kill, v started talking to other nervous souls in the Q. they all tell us their experiences....all of them were coming back for at least the 4th of the 5th time!!This made us pretty sure they our application will not be accepted the first time.But v held on(the office was full of mosquitos...after all they also need to suck our blood to survive).
When our turn came, v went to the counter, nervous and itchy at the same time.
There were 2 ppl there...a senior lady and a young enthusiastic guy.The lady was very relaxed but the guy was over energetic.He checked the documents thrice but was still not satisfied.Finally I had to show him my valid passport to make him believe that i was "actually" my wife's husband.At this the lady scolded the man for wasting his,hers and our time.She said the documents were in order and put in a beautiful stamp on the form which said-"Please accept application for isssuing passport under Tatkal alongwith a fee of Rs. 2500/- and dispatch by 17th Ausgust 2007".With this magical stamp on our form we ran to the fee counter and submitted the fees.
v cudnt believe that v were able to submit the form the first time itself (neither were many other applicants in the Q).
V then made our way to the ghaziabad rly stn. and caught the gomti express back to aligarh.
Finally, on monday the 27th august 2007 the postman made his way to my home and anounced that he had come with a passport. I had to give him some 'bakshish' and he went away happily.V opened the envelope and there is was!THE PASSPORT! in all its glory.
V opened the passport fearing that there are sure to be some mistakes.But was perfectly alright....not a single did they do it???? still escapes me?
But nonetheless i m still distributing sweets on getting a passport that easy and in good time.
So it seems that the govt. offices can sometimes come up with miracles.

sukhie said...

it took my mom 3 years!!!!

Pramathesh Borkotoky said...

Aapko passport kaise mila mujhe pata nahi. Hume toh yahi batake bhej diya jaata hai ki police verification nahi aaya, police bolti hai unke paas aate hi karwa denge with some Rashan ofcourse.Par pehele aye toh sahi.

Becky said...

Great work.