Sunday, October 21, 2007

Howz life here.. ??

Well.. Lets talk of Mountain View... most of the geeks are here... A quite place where after 10:00 its quite hard to find a bit to fill ur appetite..:( No worry. Dont get confused the photo here is of Santa Cruz which is really a touching place.. I have come to US in winters so U cant see much JANTA outside but its still TOUCHING.. ;). So, let me tell u the first day experience.. I arrived here on saturday afternoon... which was midnight in India, n thats why I was feeling dead sleepy. So I just started at 5:00 and finally woke up at 12:30 night.... and now dead hungry.. so me and my frnd(who was also a victim of lag) started a pre-failed search for any restraunt.... We came back. Sad, in pain:( but somehow we managed some bread and butter(dont think we broke in somewhere, luckily we got it in fridge... lying in one of the hidden corners.. desperate search finds every corner..). Then we watched TV till 6:00 morning coz its still evening in India.. :) So one week passed by in office.. On my first weekend I planned .. or rather was part of a plan.. whatever.. for santa cruz .. a really cool place to hang out .. we enjoyed the day.. and are now back to our appt.. Right now I think I am typing something.. Oh!! Dats my blog..:) Its wonderful exp.. Using bicycle for roaming around the city, or using skate-board based mini-scooter between office buildings, or hunting down Indian food within the city, or finding difficult to understand the US accent, or just enjoying TGIF in office, or getting lost i the unknown city with all same looking aves....... its all fun.. :) Most importantly u shd know how to drive a car or else u wont be njoying at ur best on just a bicycle..So I have got too many points to jot down but no time.. its 1:10 AM here n I have just returned from the tiring trip of Santa cruz.. so just going to sleep now.. wait for my next post in few days.. see all.. bye..

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